Episode 3: Triangle


Episode 3: Triangle


  • Title                 : 트라이앵글 / Triangle
  • Also known as            : Triangle Bell
  • Genre              : Romance
  • Release date    : 2009-Nov-19
  • Producer          : Ji Young Soo
  • Screenwriter    : Ozaki Masaya


Sang Woo (Ahn Jae Wook) is a charming con artist who approaches a wealthy and attractive widow in order to secure a 2 billion-won artwork in her possession. But a strange woman, Sung Hye (Kang Hye Jung), keeps getting in his way and blackmails him to let her in on the con project. –Source: HanCinema


  • Ahn Jae Wook as Ryu Sang Woo
  • Kang Hye Jung as Oh Sung Hye
  • Lee Soo Kyung as Han Ji Young
  • Kang Shin Il as Vice president’s Son
  • Lee Dae Yeon as Team leader Kim
  • Lee Sung Min as President Lee Byung Joon
  • Lee Sung (이성)
  • Cha Tae Hyun cameo

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