Wake Me Up When, no, After September Ends

Constellation's Series

Annyeong ~

It has been long time after my last post here. Too busy… Too many tasks must be finished in just one week left, so I rarely check and open my blog recently. I’m sorry if one of you was waiting for my next posting but it didn’t come soon. Haha, seem impossible. Just forget it.


Approaching D-15 for my middle test. Does it always feel like this every come? Task, homework, daily test, presentation. All comes together without any invitation. How come? Aish.

I even can’t control my sleepy head for not lying in my bed.

Molla~~ A bit stuck maybe. I don’t have a good mood recently. It would be worst than a PMS.

I hadn’t done my best until now. There was still so much wasting time that I made. Several quotes can’t change me from my initial attitude. I don’t know what I will be if I still act like this.

OK. Forget it.

When I’m deep inside of me. Don’t be too concerned. I won’t ask for nothing while I’m gone (Honesty – Bill Jones).

People change. No more fair play. There’s no next time. The only one we have is this time. Arrghh… What am I saying now?! What a words!

Arasseo. Maybe this month will looks like this month. Nothing special event and posting in this blog. So sorry if I do what makes you mad. I didn’t really sure for it.

Don’t know what I am talking about? Don’t worry. It’s not that important. Thanks for visiting this home again. And… see you after my evil period end.

Annyeong ~


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