:: Confession of a Friend :: #1 – 우리는 친구니까 (Because We’re Friends)

Confession of a Friend

Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb.


Another constellation series from me. I called this “Confession of a Friend” series. This new series will tell you about my friends. My confession for some of my friends, who deeply enter and effect my life. Thanks for being my friend 🙂

And before you read this post, I warn you. There are many mistake in grammar, vocabulary, sentences, typo, and the others. So I beg for your forgiveness first, kekeke. My English is not good enough, so, please understand me, wkwkwk 😀

Okey. Let’s start with one of my childhood friend. New, but long last. The one who has many similarity with me. Eoh. Compare with my other childhood friends, she was new. I even had just known her when we were in 4th grade. It was my first time in the same class with her.

Her name is… bimil-ya~ I won’t tell you! Just guess it, hehe.

It’s about Korea. I love drama, so does she. I love film, she does too. Even the artists! The artist who plays in the film and drama, she likes it. Same with me. I know the other good artists from her, and I told her the other one. And we start to like them together, wuehehe.

Okay. Maybe not only her and I who like same drama and film, Korea again! But I have another evidence (?). It can be different with the other people. Sinetron! Sinema-elektronik, or you can call it drama, in my country, with more episode, more conflicts, more gray-ish characters, and more… boring. Yeah! Even sinetron! Something that not all of people in my country likes it. Except for ajumma over her 30th ._.v

I like Korea. Yeah. She’s not KPoper. But she likes it.

I like Detective Conan, the manga which she likes best.

I like drawing, but I’m not as good as her.

I like badminton, but I can only watch. She… can do it, like the pro. And this is the most important. I like Lee Yong Dae, so does she, wkwk.

I like math, she likes it too. We even went to a school club together. But then, it started to change when we were high school. She left math and move to the other. Everything she did was… success. Frankly speaking, I’m envy. But I know I’m wrong. Because… It was her special ability, which not all of people have, included me.

And the other different is… she is beautiful. Just the way she is. Me? I am just… Err. A goose who tried to be a swan, but can’t. Okay. I don’t really care about it.

The one I pay the most attention is her background. Absolutely rich, wealthy… or whatever you called it. She really has a good background. How about me? I love my simple family. But honestly, this factor was the one that make me a bit minder to stand by her as a friend. We have a very extremely different background. Slap me for having a thought like that. Sorry, really.

But beside all of the differences that we have, we are still together. Now. For almost 9 years. Because we are friend, right? In the past, present, and future. Forever… a friend.

We, with all our similarities, yet our differences, forever can be a friend, eoh? That’s what I believe.

And I want to say this. Congratulation for all your success, friend. You deserved it. But, don’t forget me! Buy me a meal, please! kekeke.

Emm… About our dream together… I am not optimist enough. It’s not that I give up. I just know about my ability. My limit. I just know where I should stop. So, I’m sorry if I can fulfill it. But, I hope I can. Help me, eoh?

For her who always accept me without complaining about my attitude, for her who always stay beside me even though I tried to make her mad, for her who always accept me as a friend, thank you very much. I’m so sorry if I always make you disappointed, I’m never meant it. Thanks for being my friend for almost 9 years~. And… let’s be a friend, forever, eoh?

Your childhood friend, with sincerity.

Wassalammualaikum Wr. Wb.



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