Constellation's Series, Nothing

Assalammualaikum wr. wb.

Annyeong! Yeay. Finally I’ve posted something here. After eum…two months? And yeah, again and again, I am back with –I don’t know what I should call this post, eum… sad?

In the middle of preparing my examination, I write this.

Broken. That’s my heart now. That’s the title of MBLAQ 6th mini album. And the reason behind my broken heart is no other than MBLAQ. Five dorky guys which suddenly entered into my fangirl-ing world 3 years ago.

And now they break my heart.

September comeback? Are you kidding me? Even October is in the middle now, and what is this? Depart? Depart too?

Yeah. Maybe right if someone makes that meme, saying how panic her every time she’s going on line. I feel it now.

Maybe I just need some time to wake up and realize that everything I’ve read is true. Yeah, maybe yes, maybe no. Because becoming an Aplus is not same again without two members left our group. But still, I respect every choice you two take. We are still here.

At least all of you depart with rational reason. No need a lawsuit or kicking out.

Still I hope this isn’t true. May success always be your side.


Yang Choppin-ssi, be strong please. Yang Leader must be strong, do not cry, and always support his member. Happy birthday to you! And happy birthday to MBLAQ too!


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